Precision Planting 20/20 RowFlow

The right seeding rate in the right place


Get the money saving benefits of swath control and variable rate population control in one package.

20/20 RowFlow combines with 20/20 SeedSense to provide automatic control of variable rate drive systems (to change plant populations) and swath control (to shut off individual rows or sections of the planter). Variable Rate and swath control prescriptions offer great yield improvement and increased efficiency potential, but costly and complex control systems hinder your ability to add these features to your operation:

  • Use the power of your 20/20 SeedSense to control your air or electric clutches.
  • Simple hardware upgrades make it easy and MUCH less expensive to add perscription control. And the intuitive SeedSense display provides improved control over your swath control system.
  • We have all been frustrated by expensive unlock fees and extra hardware. RowFlow allows you to run swath control or variable rate populations or both with the same hardware package.
  • Simple mapping tools that let you create prescription files with a couple of mouse clicks.
20/20 RowFlow works in tandem with the 20/20 SeedSense to map out your boundaries and control your row shut-off system. SeedSense and RowFlow provide more precise seed shut off because SeedSense sees every seed. Rather than relying on distance and assumed speed to estimate when to shut off clutches, RowFlow knows exactly when to fire clutches to stop seed flow. Plus, the accuracy of SeedSense allows the RowFlow system to constantly calibrate itself for even more precision.

Click the image for an enlarged view of the Precision Planting 20/20 RowFlow screen.


SureStop Clutches

SureStop clutches are designed for chain-drive seed meters. There are many planters on the market so this will not work for every application but it is a very reliable solution that we recommend many times.

SureStop clutch on a John Deere 1770 series planter:


SureStop clutch on a White 8200 series planter:



SureVac Clutches

SureVac clutches work best with the Precision Planting eSet meters on John Deere vacuum planters. There are many planters on the market so this will not work for every application but it is a solution that we use at times.

The Ag Leader SureVac clutch is a very simple 5 minute install. It replaces the John Deere factory lid on the vacuum meter.



Tru-Count Clutches

Tru Count Air Clutches:
• Eliminate double planting in headlands and point rows
• Deliver increased yields
• Eliminate wasted seed costs
• Can be easily added to control additional sections


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