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WaveVision Seed Tube

Better information in.
Better information out.

For measuring population, seed spacing, skips and doubles, you depend on the accuracy of your seed sensors.

Optical sensors have four big problems:

  • Dust looks just like seeds
  • Doubles look like singles
  • Dust coats the eyes
  • They mount at the middle of the seed tube

WaveVision eliminates these problems and provides good clean information to your monitor. High frequency radio waves, rather than light, get a “three-dimensional” look at seeds. WaveVision sees mass, not shape. So two seeds side-by-side show as a double. The radio waves also see through dust, eliminating false population readings in dusty and windy conditions. And that means we can mount the seed sensor where it belongs, at the bottom of the seed tube.

And like the BullsEye Seed Tube, WaveVision has tungsten carbide wear tips to greatly prolong the wear life.

WaveVision Seed Tube Video



BullsEye Seed Tube

This seed tube fixes two big problems:

Seed Richocet.
Too often, seeds hit the sensor on their way down the seed tube. When this happens, seeds ricochet down the tube and can cause the familiar skip/double pattern in the field. The BullsEye Seed Tubes reduces these errors with a simple offset that moves the sensor out of the way of the seed path.

BullsEye Seed Tubes eliminate this costly problem by eliminiating sensor interference.

Premature Wear
We’ve inserted tungsten carbide wear tips that prevent the double-disk opener from wearing through the tip of the seed tube. It’s a simple solution to an annoying and expensive problem. BullsEye seed tubes will outlast OEM seed tubes by at least 5x.

BullsEye Seed Tube Video



Keeton Seed Firmer

Keeton Seed Firmers gently set seeds to the bottom of the trench. A thin piece of poly slides down the seed trench, trapping seeds as they exit the seed tube and firming them into the bottom of the “V.” Keeton Seed.

The poly seed firmer has:

  • the right kind of poly to hold its shape, withstand abrasive soil and keep the proper amount of tension over the seed.
  • the right attack angle to properly guide the seed to the trench.
  • the right shape to protect the V of the seed trench and to prevent plugging.

And the Keeton Seed Firmer won’t collapse the seed trench and drag dry, chemical-laden soil in around your seeds.

Keeton Seed Firmers simply set seeds to the bottom of the seed trench. That ensures uniform seed to soil contact which leads to uniform germination. Research shows that uniform germination can lead to an average six bushel increase in corn yield.


We sell 90% of the short-low profile, with the remaining 10% the long-low profile. Tear-drop model are available for dry or sandy soils. There are also models available for grain drills.

Keeton Seed Firmer Video




For all vacuum meters, this 80/20 blend of talc and graphite improves seed loading and seed release – and that improves seed spacing. eFlow improves the flow of seed from the hopper to the meter. In the meter, eFlow ensures that seeds release consistently once the vac is shut off and seeds drop to the seed tube. The addition of graphite, especially in smaller seeds, helps seeds slide off the disk like clockwork.

Talc without the addition of graphite is more abrasive and causes the meter parts to wear quicker. It also can become tacky in humid conditions which inhibits seed flow, reduces crisp seed release, and can cause excess buildup around the optical sensor eye.

eFlow is another component to optimum vacuum meter performance!



This eFlow flip-style lid greatly increases accuracy and ease of operation with dispensing eFlow.




Graphite Powder

For all finger meters, this premium graphite extends wear life and improves meter performance. Graphite provides the lubrication needed to prevent wear on meter components. It also improves seed flow and can improve meter performance. It is important that new meters, or meters that have been cleaned, get a good, early dose of graphite to prevent seed treatment from sticking to bare metal. Mix the graphite into the seed to prevent uneven settling.

Precision Graphite is available in 1# and 5# containers.