Faster planting

SpeedTube is a new seed delivery system that is intended to speed planting. Time for planting is limited, and larger planters aren’t the answer for larger farms. On normal planters, planting speed is limited by the constraints of the seed tube, because high speeds lead to poor spacing.

SpeedTube controls the seed all the way from the meter to the furrow. Feeder wheels at the top grab the seed from the disk and pull it into a flighted belt that deposits it in the bottom of the trench. The SpeedTube belt spins at a rate that increases and decreases with planter speed and seeding rates, ensuring that the seed placement is optimal.

With SpeedTube, in most cases, you should truly expect to be able to plant at speeds up to 10-12 mph if you are able to plant well at 5-6 mph with accurate seed spacing today!

  • Increase your planting productivity by 1.5%
  • Thinking about a bigger planter? Keep the smaller one – less compaction
  • Plant as fast as you are able with a total peace-of-mind
  • Seamless integration with the Precision Planting vDrive system