vDrive Systems

precision with simplicity


Powered by 20/20 SeedSense, vDrive brings single-row control to your vSet meters. It enables incredibly precise population control on curves, when your ground speed changes and with all variable rate prescriptions – even highly granular variable rate prescriptions.

With the vDrive system, you don’t need clutches, hydraulic motors and chains or cables. It uses a 12V electric motor that controls each row individually and eliminates the maintenance that chains and cables require.

vDrive Benefits


The FieldView map shows the variation in population with a conventional drive system (multi-colored pass) and the consistent population of vDrive (one-color pass) on a curve. Populations can vary as much as 5000 to 8000 plants when planting a curve, which hurts yield potential. vSet maintains the prescribed population on each row at every spot around a curve. Conventional drive systems will plant too many seeds on the inside and too few on the outside.

  1. Precise individual row control for population and row shut-offs
  2. No maintenance. Get rid of chains, sprockets, hex shafts, and clutches!
  3. Say good bye to hydraulic drives


vDrive installed:

vDrive motor installed on every hopper and Single Row Module (SRM) on every row unit –
Shoup/John Deere row unit and hopper


vDrive Power Distribution Module (PDM)