Better Data. Better Decisions.

Pass by pass, you compare hybrids, find management zones and look for ways to improve next year. Yield monitors today give you numbers but lack the accuracy that drives better decisions.

The YieldSense system combines the power of the SeedSense® monitor with a new flow sensor, elevator chain and paddle. Add the FieldView® app on your iPad® for high definition mapping.

With FieldView Plus, you can share yield data between combines and other iPads. Share coverage maps and automatically build complete yield maps from multiple combines. And, if you used your SeedSense for planting, you have your hybrid and planter performance data in the combine cab with you.

YieldSense Benefits

  • Say good-bye to USB drives
  • Keep all your important agronomic data in one place on your iPad in FieldView
  • Keep the same user-friendly interface that’s in your planter with you in the combine
  • Experience a yield monitor that has the accuracy of no other!
  • Includes a new chain/paddle kit for the clean grain elevator
  • Do you trade combines every year? No problem, easily move from one combine to the next

Current technology falls short

Hybrids change and you get varying results. Test weights change and you get varying results. When speed changes, so does the mass of grain passing the flow sensor, and you get varying results. Time of day, morning dew, weed seeds – and you get varying results. To overcome these constantly changing variations in flow, you calibrate. But how many of us calibrate precisely and often? And does calibration help? Learn how the YieldSense system works below.


These photos above illustrate how grain is thrown in many different directions against the existing flow sensors.

YieldSense changes the way grain flow is measured. By installing the newly designed sensor at the top of the clean grain elevator, it measures the mass of corn before it is released by the paddle. The grain is contained on a newly designed paddle that sends a wedge of seed against the sensor which eliminates all those variations reported by your current yield monitor.

Look at your current paddles. They’re like pieces of used tires: some cupped up, some down, some a little of both. That changes the way the grain is thrown to the sensor, and it changes the perceived flow rate.

YieldSense Videos